Top 10 reasons to start your self-assessment tax return NOW

The self-assessment tax return deadline falls on the 31st of January every year, but if you file before the deadline date, then you can benefit from 10 advantages when completing your tax return early.

According to HMRC figures, more than 11.7m taxpayers filed their tax returns before the 31 January 2023 deadline. However, 600,000 taxpayers still missed the deadline. HMRC was expecting around 12.1m tax returns to be filed for the 2021/22 tax year

Submitting your tax return late results in an instant £100 penalty, and those who pay their tax over 30 days late face additional charges which start from 5% of the tax owed.

We always recommend thinking about doing your tax return as early as possible, which is from the 6th of April onwards. If you need some motivation to get your self assessment in early then read on:

1. Get your tax rebate faster

2. Budget for bills better

3. Enjoy your time without a nagging time bomb

4. Avoid mistakes and give yourself a chance to correct them in time

5. Give yourself enough time to get everything you need

6. Don’t miss out on securing a mortgage or loan

7. Get more time to implement tax planning strategies

8. Be able to reach HMRC instead of waiting in a long queue

9. Find the right accountant that will provide the support you need

10. You want to file your tax return in paper format

We work with individuals and business owners helping them with their self assessment’s and advising them on their tax liabilities. Give yourself time to enjoy the things you love most and pass the self assessment over to us.

Our deadline to support clients with self assessment is October 2023, find out more about our Tax Services for Individuals HERE.

If you need support with your self assessment, get in contact with us on

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