How many days can I live outside the UK before there are any tax implications?

How many days can you live abroad before you pay taxes in the UK?

If you are a UK resident living abroad it is important to understand where your tax liability lies. The Statutory Residence Test (SRT) defines your tax status according to the number of days you are in the UK and abroad, your ties to the UK and your working patterns.

The SRT is assessed for each tax year and is locked to that year only. You will either be awarded non-resident status, resident status or intermediate status after a series of tests. More details on the tests can be found online on HMRC website 

Here is a simplified definition of the status under SRT.

1. Non-Resident Status:

If you spend fewer than 16 days in the UK during a tax year, you are typically considered a non-resident for that tax year. As a non-resident, you are generally not liable for UK income tax on your foreign income, and your UK tax obligations are typically limited to income generated in the UK.

2. Resident Status:

If you spend 183 days or more in the UK in a tax year, you are considered a UK resident for tax purposes.

3. Intermediate Status:

If you fall between the above two thresholds, your residence status will depend on additional factors, such as your ties to the UK (e.g., family, accommodation, work, or business interests).

It’s important to note that the rules and thresholds for the SRT can change over time, and different rules may apply to individuals with specific circumstances, such as those leaving the UK permanently. Therefore it is important to get the right up to date advice regarding this area so that you get accurate information regarding tax implications related to your specific situation.

In addition other countries may have their own rules and thresholds for determining tax residency, so you should also be aware of the tax laws and regulations in your new country of residence. Double taxation agreements between the UK and your new country may help prevent double taxation and provide additional guidance on tax residency.

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